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What Is Guard Tour System?

Guard tour system is a variety of access control system, is a kind of flexible use of the access control system. It is mainly used in schools, hospitals, factories, forestry and any industry which need to ensure safety. The purpose is to help the enterprise leadership or management personnel carry our effective supervision and management to the patrol staff and working records through the system. At the same time, the system can also report more details of patrolling line in a certain period.


Three benefits of guard tour system

Simplicity & Convenience

Yesterday, the security guard must carry a paper notebook and stop at every checkpoint to mark on the notebook to accomplish his work. So, his manager is daily on fire. Talking on the phone, producing tons of notes, speeding his time in the meeting, gathering so many confusing reports.
At present, guard tour systems provide many means to check and record the time that a guard executes his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned to the area he patrols.

Data dominate our life in this era, we tell the weather on the basis of data, we counting calories on the basis of data, we choose the mate on the basis of data… It really provides convenience for people.

Timeliness & Reliability

Compared with traditional patrolling measures, advanced guard tour system has several advantages besides being too reliable. Firstly, real-time tracking makes sure the timeliness of data. The real-time data will upload immediately when the guard checked point. This function will achieve remote real-time monitoring and management network by sharing information through the cloud data, specially designed for large-scale enterprises. Secondly, the real-time location of guards will be marked in the map. The combination of GPS and guard tour system cloud record the line of patrolling and ensure the safety of guards.
The data in the paper may cheat you, the guards may play a trick on you, but the technology will ever on your side. The software will organize the data automatically when it collected them. Then, it will also save the data as reports and analyze the schedule for direct observation. All those things will be prepared for you.


Less Cost & More Efficiency

Recently, the fire accident occurs frequently, even in the one finest examples of French Gothic architecture Notre Dame de Paris. This accident caused irreparable damage, a building full of history and culture will never come back.
However, the loss will be reduced to the minimum if we could find out the problem early. That’s one of the reasons why need upgrade guard tour system.


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