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More than IP-Telephony

ZYCOO CooVox series are more than VOIP IP PBX. They come with everything you need to upgrade or set up a new IP Telecommunication system, as desktop IP-Phone, smart mobile app and analog expansion box are also available in ZYCOO. Now you can set up your IP Telecommunication system with worry-free ZYCOO CooVox series

Modular Design

With unique modular design, CooVox series provide flexible telephony interfaces combination while allowing for future scalability. Besides the built-in rich SIP capabilities, CooVox allow you to decide what types of extensions and physical trunks you need in your telephone system.

  • Excellent VoIP Voice quality
  • Zero configuration needed when connecting with ZYCOO CooVox series IP-PBX. 
  • Come with 2 kinds of models fit whatever your need.

What we are Offering?

  • Allow you to use your existing analog phone as an IP-PBX extension with cost savings.
  • Dedicatedly designed for CooVox IP PBX to expand 16 FXS ports for connecting with analog phones or Fax machines.
  • Ultra-Zero-Touch Installation with CooVox IP PBX, license free and scalable to stack more EX16S units.
  • Integrate iOS & Android mobile phones with CooVox series IPPBX.
  • Enhance work efficiency with consistent in-office experience and powerful collaboration features.
  • Reduce mobile voice charges with VoIP phone calls made through the company IP PBX.
  • Never miss a call when working away from your office.

CooCenter is built-in a customizable CRM System which is possible to record the client’s details like Name, Company, Contact Number and Email. This enable you to know more about your client’s, and also schedule auto call follow-up to agents easily.

Built in CRM

Call Center Features

  • IVR
  • Caller ID
  • Video Call
  • Paging and Intercom
  • Follow Me
  • One Number Stations
  • Music on Ringback
  • Call Queue
  • PIN Set
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Parking
  • Call Spy
  • Time Conditions

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