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Touchless Recognition

Computer Vision: 3-in-1 Palm Recognition

Touchless palm authentication method with a novel hand tracking technique allowing angle tolerance as wide as +/-60° in the roll axis and a recognition distance of 50cm is certainly eliminating hygienic concerns while maintaining accurate and effective high-level biometric recognition quality. Users won’t have to struggle to touch any sensor anymore.

Fever Detection with Computer Vision Technology

Most of the thermal cameras in the market are designed for industrial use.


• Flexible System
• Highly Secured
• Responsive, Intuitive and User-friendly
• Accurate and Real-time Push Notifications & Reports

Multiple Admin Privilege

Multiple admin can be set to manage different privilege in the software. Admin will get a list of employee’s attendance including the number of late and absences.

Simple Access Control Module

Simple access control module that can set up the access control settings on the time attendance devices.

Employee Self-Service

Access login is provided for each employees to check their attendance. Employees can apply for online leave to approved by the manager or admin.

Time Attendance Software

Check-In Rule

Attendance calculation can based on either “Schedule” or “First Check In” to determine the Check in time of employees

Check-Out Rule

Attendance calculation can based on either “Schedule” or “Last check out” to determine the check out time of the employees

OT Rule

Overtime can be set to Auto OT, Not OT

Attendance Parameters

When there is no Check-In record, the result can be set as “Late” or “Absent”

When there is no Check-Out record, the result can counted as “Early Leave” or “Absent”

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