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Wi Fi Doorbell (DS K B 6003 W I P)
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Key Features

Basic Functions

 Video intercom function, supporting the audiovisual communication
the mobile App directly
 Self adaptive IR supplement with max. 5 meter IR distance
 High p erformance e mbedded SOC p rocessor
 IP 54 standard
Video/Audio Functions
 HD video surveillance with ultra wide angle 180 º ) and high perf ormance CMOS, up to 1080 P
 Noise suppression and echo cancellation
 H.264 video compression standard
 Low illumination
 Supports v oice prompt
 Volume configuration via App
Other Functions
 Online upgrade via the mobile App
 Supports m otion detection and video re cording
 Supports the storage and playback via TF card
 Equipped with a backlit call button
 Equipped with a replaceable faceplate
 Supports connecting to the mechanical chime
 Equipped with a reset button


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