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DS-3E0326P-E(B) is a layer 2 100 Mbps PoE switch. Based on
wire-speed forwarding, the switch supports Ethernet PoE
power supply and extend mode. The power supply distance
reaches as long as 300 m. It also supports prior and stable
transmission of the important surveillance area video when
connected to the high priority ports.


Feature and Function

Intelligent PoE Management.
• When the power supply exceeds the limit, PoE ports intelligently manage
the power supply, which extends the switch lifetime.
Up to 300 m Long Range PoE Transmission.
• The distance between IPCs and switch can reach maximum 300 meters.
4/8-Core Adaptive Power Supply with Less Power Loss.
• 8-core power supply reduces the power loss on cables.
6KV Surge Protection to Improve Reliability in Harsh
• The built-in surge protection device protects the switch from the sudden
lightning surge in harsh environment.
Design for Video Transmission.
• VIP port ensures important data transmission when network congestion


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