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Installation of turnstile Zkteco

Access control systems have become an essential part of modern security systems, providing businesses and organizations with the necessary tools to keep their premises safe and secure. However, with so many different access control systems available on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. That’s why many businesses and organizations turn...

Smart Lock Installation

At Live U (Pvt) Sri Lanka, we are committed to providing high-quality security solutions for our clients. Recently, we installed the Zkteco Smart lock ML100 model for one of our clients and we are pleased to report that he is extremely satisfied with our service. The Zkteco Smart lock ML100 model is a cutting-edge security...

Zkteco Smart Lock ML100

At Live U (Pvt) Sri Lanka, we take pride in delivering the best security solutions to our clients. Recently, we installed the Zkteco Smart Lock ML100 model for one of our clients, and we are pleased to share their positive feedback about our service. Our client was looking for a reliable and cost-effective security solution,...

Enhancing Security: Our Recent Installations of CC...

Today, we installed CCTV cameras and ZKTeco fingerprint systems for three different customer locations. Our team of experts arrived at each site, equipped with the latest technology and tools to ensure a smooth and successful installation process. At the first customer location, we installed a CCTV camera system to monitor the entire premises. We strategically...

Access Control Project – Zkteco

Zkteco is a company that specializes in access control solutions. These solutions typically include hardware and software components that are used to manage and control access to a physical location or facility. Access control systems are used to restrict access to a building or area to authorized personnel only. This is typically done through the...

Access Control Installations

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CCTV / Access Control Installation

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Elevator and escalator

We did the Elevator and escalator Access Control Installation with “Abans”

Access Control For Gym

Installing Gym Access Control for all Members.  Zkteco 

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