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Maldives Police Projects

Bringing Expertise Together: Mr. Pradeep, with his extensive experience and deep understanding of Zkteco products, has been instrumental in shaping the Sri Lankan market for these cutting-edge security solutions. As a senior trainer, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills that he willingly shares with professionals seeking to harness the power of Zkteco products...

CCTV Camera Project in Port

The history of CCTV cameras: You could explore the evolution of CCTV cameras, starting with their origins in the 1960s and tracing their development over the years. How CCTV cameras work: This could include a discussion of the various components that make up a CCTV camera system, such as cameras, monitors, and recording devices. The

CCTV Camera Project –

Install 4 Camera Project With FREE Service

Mobile DVR Installation

We did the another installation of Mobile DVR in Colombo Port More details please call us 011 77 8 0000

CCTV / Access Control Installation

Very Happy Customer. More details please call more details 011 77 8 0000 or https://liveu.lk/shop

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